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KareemTex offers you full range of workwear uniforms, each & every pieces is crafted with pride in Saudi Arabia and our garment guarantee is completely unconditional towards any technical problems.
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  Uniform plays an important role in building the corporate identity of the Company. As we are one of the manufacturer & designer of the uniform, hence we help to design the the corporate image of your company.

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  We are selling white & color thoub fabric for summer and winter. Also famous england wools are available at our textile showroom in retails and wholesale.
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  KareemTex offers your children variety of school uniforms, shoes and school bags. Our products will perfectly fit your children as specially tailored.

Our products are fully guaranteed against any technical problems. We also provide 100% mony-back facility to our customer in case of unsatisfactory of our product .

Our customer can exchange or replace their material any of our branches without any conditions.

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